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2000 Black R/T
    2000 White R/T

    1999 Black R/T
    1999 DA v6

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Welcome to! 
We are here to give you some ideas on where to start modifying your truck. Look through all the featured trucks and you will find a ton of different and unique mods.
If you would like your truck featured here, drop me 
an email and we'll get you up here. Check out the 
Message Board, and enjoy the site!

Travis' 2000 IB R/T

Glenn's 2000 IB R/T

Surfa's 1999 IB R/T

The Animal's 1999 SY R/T

Chris M's 2000 Black R/T

Ryan's 2000 Black R/T

Chris S' 2000 Black R/T

John B's 2000 IB R/T

Damon's 1999 Black R/T

Mike B's 1999 DA R/T

Corey's  1999 FR R/T

Todd's' 2000 White R/T

First update in nearly 4 years. I got a call from Sam, Jake and Bill a couple nights ago and they said it would be kinda cool to see this site back up and runnin. Long story short, here it is!

You guys kick ass and it was great to shoot the shit for a little bit but we gotta hang out sometime soon. If we can get Jake away from saving the earthlinkians from the evils of spyware, we should be able to work something out.

Holy shit i'm rambling like its 2002, time to shut my cakehole.

I'm finally startin to get caught up with the updates. Recently updated pages

Baloo's R/T
New pics in the Gallery
6 new mpegs to enjoy!

Im workin on getting the about page finished up and getting all the so. cal info back up. And I just wanted to say thanks again to Jake P. for his help with some bandwidth for the mpegs!

The website was down for most of the weekend and half of today (monday). My host had a router go down which killed the site as well as all email. For everyone that has an email addy, they should all be working again now, I apologize for the problem. They finally got us running again at 1:10pm (pacific time) and it looks as though everything is back and functional!

Seats - I've received quite a few emails inquiring about my seats.
They are the best around! If you need any info on the seats, email Tony at Cerullo and you will be hooked up with the best seats around.

Message Board

  The message board is still new and growing, go check it out. This will be your best resource to find out any information on just about any aspect of the trucks listed on this site.

Last Update - 07-23-01
Site Posted -  12-25-99

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Magnum's Garage 
George's site is full of great info from tsb's to production numbers to 
all around general R/T related material.

If you have a site that would make a good site of the month, email me with the URL and a description so I can check it out and get you up here.



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